How it works and what you get

Once approved you will be eligible to receive 1 complete line of your choice for 90 days. At the end of 90 days, you must pay for the remaining product. You will be permitted to return product that you wish not to keep to offset any price. During the 90 days, you will reorder any of that line as normal.

Package contents:

1 complete line containing 10 bottles of each nick level of the smallest bottle size offered.

 Complete Guide:

When you receive your order, it will then be your responsibility.

We strongly suggest that you check the product to make sure it matches with your invoice.

We have tamper proof seals on our product to protect you the wholesaler.

You will have 10 bottles of each nicotine level for each flavor in that line.

You are responsible for reordering, make sure your order form is up to date.

At 90 days we will contact you to close out the invoice.

You will need to take full inventory of the remaining product.

At this point you should decide what you want to keep and what you would like to return.

Subtract what you want to keep from the physical inventory.

Subtract the invoice quantities from your physical inventory, and that is yours.

Now subtract what you want to keep from the physical inventory from the invoice quantities.

The remainder will be what you are sending back and requesting for credit.

At this point please contact American Evape to request a FREE shipping label.

Once American Evape receives your return, it will be checked against the shipping invoice.

Your account will be credited, and an updated invoice will be sent to you for payment.

Once your invoice is payed, you will be eligible to try a new line.

The process is every easy.
Step 1: Fill out and send in your Blah Preferred Partner Program Agreement
Step 2: Pick a line, any line,
Step 3: Fill out your order form and email it to us,
Step 4: Blast your customers with the arrival of your new line,
Step 5: Make MONEY!!!

Preferred Partner Program

With the ever growing need for new flavors, the demand can be quite risky and time consuming. We are offering a limited number of wholesale accounts this program to help offset the risk in choosing American eVape as your Preferred eLiquid manufacturing company! This program will not cost you any additional money, and is designed to be risk free.