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This page is entirely for our customers to know who is making their eLiquid for them and what qualifies them to do so. It is a common ocurence to hear customers tell us that they know nothing about their current eLiquid mixologist. With FDA / Government regulations hanging over our heads, we here at AE embrace our customers questions and concerns. Just like any other product out there, you as the customer, maybe I should say "WE" as customers, expect trained professionals to be proving us with the products and services that we purchase. We don't go to our auto-mechanics for a physical, nor a doctor to get a tune-up. We do not frequent fast food establishments to have our roof reshingled, and we definitely don't ask the young lady at the coffee shop to fill a prescription for us. With this being said, and nicotine being potentially dangerous, why doesn't the same logic apply to eLiquids????

​Meet Desirae, American eVape's chemist and mixologist. 
When Desirae was 14 her parents enrolled her in a private school called The Prairie School located in Racine, WI with the hopes of her getting the best education available to increase her chances of getting into a good college. Over the next four years she excelled in her academics, and still had time to be a normal kid; she played on the varsity volleyball and soccer teams. As time flies, and four years turns into memories, she was accepted into college at Vanderbilt University. She spent the next five years of her life behind books, lab benches, and in lecture halls to emerge with her Bachelors of Science with a Major in Biology, and minors in Chemistry and Mathematics. Within a few short months of graduation she found herself back at Vanderbilt, this time not as a student but as an employee. In 2009, Desirae started her career as a lab Manager / Research Assistant for Dr. Pampee Young's lab, which focused on stem cell and cancer research. Over the 4 years that Desirae worked in Dr. Young's lab she contributed to many publications: two 1st author publications, three 2nd author publications, and three 3rd author publications, no to mention a couple projects that haven't been completed yet. During all of this she was able to still find some personal time, and enjoy hobbies like camping, white water rafting, and scuba diving. While working at Vanderbilt Desirae met her husband, who was at the time attending school for Logistics management with a minor in Business management. Shortly before entering into the Vaping world, the two of them married. In late 2013 Desirae and her husband Buckley decided to open up their very own vaporizer shop. While Buckley manned the sales floor, Desirae would spend her day working at Vanderbilt, then come back to the shop in the evening and work in her lab perfecting the very flavors that AE sells today. In the first part ​of 2014 Desirae came to realize that the demand for her eLiquids was to high to continue both jobs. She parted ways from Dr. Young's lab with a some tears shed, and some hugs given. Desirae knew in her heart that she could have a greater impact on people by helping them to quit smoking and hopefully never to get cancer, than she had researching it. Vanderbilt is full of brilliant minds like hers to fill her shoes, but few chemists can produce such amazing eliquids.  Today you can find her at one of her and her husbands shops, or right there in her lab making something new for you to enjoy vaping on. 

Meet American eVape's Chemist!