American eVape


With dedicated research, we strive to bring our customers the best value for their spending budget. Our main goal is to please the customer. We accomplish that with low prices, high quality product, and a friendly, knowledgeable atmosphere. Whether you are just getting started and want to save money or want to splurge on something fancy we can help you find the right product. 

Our eLiquids

Our eLiquids are treated with care just like our customers. With precision and dedication, our chemist blends our signature flavors to meet company quality expectations. With nothing but FDA approved and pharmaceutical grade ingredients, blending is performed to ensure that the correct amount of nicotine and flavor are combined to create a product that you can enjoy and trust.

What Sets Us Apart

   Founded in 2013, American eVape owners are not just vaporizer users but former smokers. Finding a way to quit smoking with minimal effort and will power was a miracle in its own right, but finding one that that was healthy and fun was simply amazing! We formed this company for two reasons: First was to promote a working solution to quit smoking, second was to bring it to our customers at the lowest price possible. Now that our company has evolved with our customers vaping needs we also provide our customers with a wide selection of top of the line advanced vaporizers and mechanical mods. 

" After 25 years of smoking, I was able to quit in less than a month...I love this product" ~ The Owner

About Our Company